Represent your school this summer

With our current way of life severely limiting social interactions for our kiddos outside of school and organized sport, we want to create an event that will allow our school communities to stay connected throughout the summer months. So this year we are calling on our school community to come together and show their school spirit by supporting our school league initiative. We will be running weekly one hour league sessions to allow your little one to play soccer with their school friends in a fun and safe environment. Round up a team and register below. 

Dates & Times

21st July - 25th August
4:45-5:45pm OR 6:00-7:00pm

*Times will be allocated after booking once registration closes

Age Groups

We will have team options for 3-5 year olds in our preschool league and 5-7 year olds in our kindergarten/grade 1 league. Please sign up for the school your child attends in the list below. 


Team Size

Teams will be made up of 7 players. In situations where teams are short on participants we will first look to find a solution by either running with a smaller team (5 or more) or looking to generate more interest at school. The last resort would be to issue full refunds to those participants. 

Registration for our 2021 School League is now closed.