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One of the greatest things about our programs for parents is the flexibility when it comes to your daily schedule. We understand that every parents schedule is already hectic enough, so that’s why we’ve carefully developed our programs to allow parents to introduce our amazing program to your little ones in a way that works best for your schedule.


Check out our options below and get involved in the program that works best for your family!

- Weekend League Program -

Our seasonal leagues provide the perfect opportunity to learn and practice skills in a game setting. For one hour each weekend, our professional coaches work the field with your kiddos as family members cheer from the sidelines.  Each session consist of a 30-minute HappyFeet class followed by a 30-minute, non-competitive game (15-minute parent-stay-and-play replaces the game for the two year old's).

Our Leagues are 6 or 7 weeks long depending on the yearly calendar.  The session structure and included components progress from Little Toes for 2's to Big Toes for the 3's to HappyFeet for our 4's & 5's to finally HappyFeet plus for 6's, 7's & 8's in a way that maximizes skill development while ensuring all children are allowed to develop and excel at their own pace.  Each week highlights the legendary skills of our curriculum.


Form a team with friends or register your little one and leave the team building to us! This program is ideal for both HappyFeet veterans and those new to soccer!

- HappyFeet Camps -

Our seasonal camps provide the perfect setting for your little one to make new friendships while developing their love for physical activity. We run half day camps for our older HappyFeet stars and shorter one hour camps for our younger groups. Our week long camps put the focus on fun with daily themed activities and skill challenges. Let our coaching team give your little one a spring break or summer to remember! 

- Weekly School Classes -

Our weekly HappyFeet School Classes are only 30 minutes and take place at your child's preschool, daycare or community centres during the day. These classes do not interfere with their classroom learning time so it's perfect for busy families.  During each and every class, we make sure that every child is having a fantastic time while also developing essential physical skills along the way. These classes are constantly building on each other and, of course, are always age appropriate. Each class will incorporate classic nursery rhymes, fun songs and children’s games that have been adapted to incorporate a soccer ball and general motor skill development (including introductory soccer touches!).

Your little one must be enrolled at one of our partner schools to participate at that location. If we aren’t partnered with your school then don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can make coaching at your school possible.

Unsure which program to choose from? Contact Us and we will help you find the right fit for you and your soccer star.


"All the coaches at Happy Feet are beyond incredible. They are fun, energetic, patient, and kind. The coaches are well-suited to the age group and provide age-appropriate learning strategies. Our child loves going to soccer and looks forward to it all week! I could go on all day about how great they are."

Maren, Parent

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