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Soccer Class at Wolfe

HappyFeet Soccer is excited to bring the incredibly popular, age- appropriate and non-competitive child development program to the campus of General Wolfe Elementary!

Our After school program provides the perfect opportunity for your soccer star to learn and practice skills in a fun focused setting. All of our classes are themed in order to further engage with our players and ensure soccer class is their favourite weekly activity.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure all children are allowed to develop and excel at their own pace whilst maximizing skill development. Less lines waiting for your turn and more high energy drills where every child has a ball at their feet. The kids will work their way through a structured curriculum building on their cognitive and motor skills, perfecting individual skills and developing their 'team' play.

For all of our school classes, the final portion of class will consist of a non-competitive soccer game. This will give your little ones lots of opportunity to show off their skills, score goals and celebrate their successes! 

You can find the school specific details here on this page and for those who'd like to learn more about our program please navigate around our site to learn about our approach, curriculum, programs and much much more!

If you are ready to join the fun, click the link below and submit the online registration form for your soccer star to join the fun during the next scheduled class!

*Please note your child must attend this school in order to register for classes. 


  • Classes run every Tuesday after school

  • 90 minute classes from 3:00-4:30pm

  • February 6th - March 12th

  • 6 sessions total

  • Children come straight from school to class and can be picked up upon completion

  • Open for children K-3


  • Classes take place in the school gymnasium

  • Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear


  • FREE for the 6 week block for CS participants

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Want more info?


Call/Text: 778-513-7221

Check out this video to see what we're all about...

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