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New to HappyFeet? Watch our video below to find out how our classes work.

Our seasonal leagues provide the perfect opportunity for your soccer star to learn and practice skills in a game setting. For one hour each weekend, our professional coaches work the field with your kiddos as family members cheer from the sidelines. Whether this is your little one's first time playing soccer, or you have been with our program for years, our leagues will create the best environment for your soccer star to grow and shine.

Our Leagues are 7 to 12 weeks long depending on the yearly calendar.  The class structure and curriculum progress from Tiny Toes for 2's all the way to our Future Rangers for 6 to 8's in a way that maximizes skill development while ensuring all children are allowed to excel at their own pace.


Each session consists of a 30-minute class, in which our coaches will work through our engaging, high energy curriculum. This curriculum is designed to allow your little one to get lots of touches on the ball while learning and developing those all important soccer skills. The class is then followed by a non-competitive 30-minute game where our coaches will encourage the two teams of players to challenge for the ball, pass to their teammates, show off their skills and score some world class goals.

Registration for our league includes a HappyFeet Jersey as well as a graduation medal at the end of the league. 


You can register as an individual, with a family member or even form a team with friends.

The Classes

At HappyFeet, we teach soccer in an age appropriate manner which places having fun at the forefront of everything we do. Each of our classes is carefully structured to maximize engagement and energy while allowing all players to develop at their own pace.

Happy Feet Vancouver – Tiny Toes.png
Tiny Toes (2 years)

With lots of singing, movement and foundational skills, these 45 minute classes are a perfect introduction to soccer. Parent participation is encourage for the first few weeks so get ready to join the fun as our coaches lead the group!

Happy Feet Vancouver – Big Toes.png
Big Toes (3-4 years)

Our coaches will lead your little ones through our unique curriculum, using songs, stories and adventures to engage their imagination and teach them the core soccer movements and skills. Our 3's and 4's classes are great for 4 year olds who are new to soccer.

Happy Feet Vancouver – Happy Feet.png
Happy Feet (4-5 years)

These classes involve high energy, lots of movement and tonnes of laughs. Our coaches will encourage your kiddos to try more advanced soccer skills as they are guided through our engaging curriculum. Our 4's and 5's classes are great for 5 year olds who are new to soccer.

Happy Feet Vancouver – Happy Feet +.png
HappyFeet + (5-6 years)

These classes keep the energy of traditional HappyFeet classes and merge it with an increased focus on soccer skills and team play elements. Our 5's and 6's classes are great for 6 year olds who are new to soccer.

Happy Feet Vancouver – Future Rangers.png
Future Rangers (6-8 years)

These classes combine themed games and drills with more technical skills so your soccer stars can master the ball with confidence and style. Every child is supported in learning at their own pace so new players to soccer will fit right in. 


"All the coaches at Happy Feet are beyond incredible. They are fun, energetic, patient, and kind. The coaches are well-suited to the age group and provide age-appropriate learning strategies. Our child loves going to soccer and looks forward to it all week! I could go on all day about how great they are."

Maren, Parent

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