HappyFeet is a pre-school enrichment program which opened in Vancouver in August 2018. We use familiar songs, stories, nursery rhymes and fun games to introduce soccer to children as young as two years old.  Our unique curriculum triggers your child's imagination by taking their soccer ball, Bob the Bobcat, on adventures to the zoo, the movies, and even an enchanted castle! Our philosophy and curriculum encourages children to tame their bobcat with their learned deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills.  We leverage creative play and the important developmental skills it provides to make fitness and soccer their favorite weekly activity!

By progressing through our age appropriate curriculum from Little Toes to HappyFeet your little one is ensured to have built a solid foundation we hope will lead to a life long involvement in sports and fitness and hopefully soccer! This approach to working with children provides the ideal environment for our little soccer stars to explore their bodies,  express themselves creatively, learn to work well in small groups, and develop their emotional and social skills...all while progressing through our time tested "story time with a soccer ball" curriculum!


-Meet your child's inherent need to move and play

-Inspire creativity and imagination

-Improve cognitive motor skills such as balance and coordination

-Allow your child to benefit from working in a team and improve social interaction skills

-Take advantage of the educational benefits of incorporating pre-school curriculum and physical fitness

-Most importantly let your child experience the fun spirit of HappyFeet

-All whilst developing their soccer skills!

Join our ‘Storytime with a soccer ball’ curriculum today and let your child experience the adventure of HappyFeet.

- Our Team -

Kieran Andeson


Kieran has been a professional soccer coach for over a decade now, getting involved in the profession whilst undertaking his BA Sports Studies at the University of Stirling (Scotland). He has worked with Happyfeet on numerous ventures now, taking the company to both Scotland and China. He has also worked as an academy coach for Rangers Football Club. He is passionate about the impact HappyFeet has on our Vancouver Community. 

Coach Liam.JPG

Liam Mumford

Program Director

Liam is a creative, artistic and athletic talent who has immersed himself in the field of youth education and program development over the last 10 years. Coming from the UK, Liam graduated with a degree in Dramatic Arts, which has made him very approachable, resourceful and quick-thinking. Liam has played soccer his whole life and takes great pride and joy in helping others to play the beautiful game.